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Preschool closed on Friday 12th July!

Gentle reminder to you all, that we will be closed on Friday 12th July. We are holding an Open Morning for the new children joining us in September.

Week: 1st July

Thank you all for supporting our Sports Day!

On Monday we are taking children to a library and for a picnic, which they will prepare.

Funny kids in park. Picnic concept vector pictures. Summer rest, girl and boy outdoor. Vector illustration
  • At the home corner, we are running fruit and vegetable shop
  • In the small world, we are playing with small people
  • In Maths, we are using small blocks and shapes
  • The letter and sound of the week is: “C c”

Week: 24th June

This week we are practising our DIY skills!

  • At the home corner, we are using tool bench
  • In the small world, we are playing with cars
  • In Maths, we are classifying and adding
  • The letter and sound of the week is: “F f”


As you know we have been practicing our Yoga regularly. Please have a look at this short video clip to see how we get on.

This Week Pants Talk

We will be talking to the children about the importance of looking after their bodies and using proper words to name their private parts. Please follow the link to learn more. This is part of safeguarding, but please let Paulina if you wish for your child to opt out.

Milton Park Preschool Trip

Please note, that this year we won’t hire a coach as the numbers are too low to justify the cost. Paulina will update you near the time with the details, but we can carpool, cycle or take a bus. Do contact Paulina if you have any questions.

Week: 17th June

Children at the Playhouse with Clipping Path

This week we are playing houses!

  • At the home corner, we are at home looking after babies
  • In the small world, we are playing with dolls house
  • In Math, we are studying charts
  • The letter and sound of the week is : “P p”

Sports Day Friday 21st June!

It is that time of the year! Our Sports Day will take place on Friday 21st June(weather permitting) from 9.30 – 11.30. If you don’t hear from Paulina by Wednesday the 19th, it is happening. Please put sun cream on your child before dropping them off at 9am and also don’t forget to put them in colour of their team. Preschool T-Shirts are still available for purchase from Paulina. Sensible shoes for running are advised.

After the Sports day activities, we will have Cake&Jumble sale, Face Painting, Bracelet making, Tattoo transfers, Balloon animals, Hook a Duck with prizes for the winners. So, please don’t forget to bring cash and something for the cake sale. If you can volunteer your time, that would be great!Get in touch with Slawka.

Joanna – Green

Liz – Blue

Cecille – Yellow

Paulina – Red

Learning Mandarin

This week we have started to teach the children Mandarin. We have 15 minute lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please take a look at these short video clips and see what we have learned already. Thank you to our teacher Madame Ting for volunteering her time to our children. They love her lessons.

Week: 10th June

This week we are excited about everything to do with trains and tracks!

  • At the home corner, we are at the train station
  • In the small world, we are playing with trains
  • In arts and craft, we are making models of transport from recycling
  • In Maths, we are adding up
  • The letter and sound of the week is: “Ll”