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Week: 28th September

We had a lovely week with your children last week!

This week is all about cars!

  • At the home corner, we are working in a garage.
  • In the small world, we have a small garage.
  • In Maths, it is all about number 1.
  • The letter and sound of the week is: “T t”

Week: September 21st 2020

This week we are excited to play in our garden centre!

Children had lots of fun this week playing and making new friends. Could you please read the policies and procedures we have on the website, it’s important you are familiar with them. Some of you had received the guidelines and symptoms for Covid-19. Please follow it and inform us if you have any suspicion as we want to remain open and safe. If your child is not attending for any reason please text or email Paulina.

  • At the home corner, we are running a garden centre.
  • In the small world, we are playing with train tracks.
  • In Maths, we are counting, adding and classifying
  • The letter and sound of the week is: “Mm”

Week: 14th September

We are really happy to have the children back! It has been lovely to see them playing and making new friends. We are confident that by next week we will have less tears and the new children will be happy an settled.

Home corner
  • In the home corner: we are playing houses
  • At the craft table: all about me
  • In Maths: we are counting and adding
  • The letter and sound of the week is: “S s”

Week: 7th Sepember

Welcome back to all our children and a special welcome to our new children!

Welcome to you all!

This week is all about settling every one back. We will be making most of the lovely weather playing in the garden! Please don’t forget to send your child with a bag containing a change of clothes and nappies if they are not potty trained. Also bring a healthy snack and a bottle of water.

Week: 8th June

Welcome back to you all! We are finally opening our preschool although in a limited capacity. We are looking forward to seeing you all…..

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Week: 9th March 2020

We hope you enjoyed The Room on the Broom!

  • At the home corner, we are exploring outdoors.
  • In the small world, we are playing with mini beasts.
  • The key word is: extinction.
  • In Maths, we are using charts.
  • The letter and sound of the week is : “S s”

4th March: Reading with our parents in a different language.

This was a Czech book called Palecek.

Building our Bug Hotel!

5th of March Litter Picking

On Thursday we are taking the children to do litter picking  around our area as we believe our children are the generation that will look after the planet. We will be doing several activities during the year for the children to understand the importance of our planet. We will take all precautions for the safety of the children. We have made a bug hotel so we will also collect natural resources to add to our project. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. 


World Book Day!

Dear all,
On Thursday the 5th of March we celebrate World Book Day, but we would like all the children to take part, therefore we will celebrate it all week. The children can wear costumes of their favourite book character and bring the book with them. We would also appreciate £1 contribution every time they come dressed up. 
Looking forward to see the children wearing their outfits. 
Paulina and team

World Book Day